The World is Ours…

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 | Published by

On March 28th, the L&E Global Annual Meeting was held in New York City. Partners from all thirteen member firms were in attendance and I had the opportunity to see again, Claire Toumieux, my boss in Flichy Grange. I had the chance to be part of a very successful cocktail reception organized for the L&E representatives. I was very excited to share my experience with the people who made it possible. On March 29th and 30th, I was invited to the IBA conference concerning “the paradigm of the employment law.”It was so interesting for me to be there and to meet lawyers from all over the world. I was very proud to cover the L&E Global stand and to explain my French/American adventure. Many professionals understand that international exchanges among young lawyers are one of the main expectations of the new generation of employment lawyers.

I had a very funny lunch with young attorneys from Germany, Luxembourg, India, Albania, UK, and USA. We all realize how the employment laws are different among our countries but we also acknowledge we will need to work together to bring global responses to companies and that it is the key to success.

In this way, I have started to write an article with a Jackson Lewis attorney, Tarek Maheran, comparing the French and the American aspects of the termination process.

These different experiences put into the light that employment law is becoming a fascinating topic because even if it is rooted in the national culture, it is now a transnational issue which requires worldwilde answers.