Brussels-Bound and International Savvy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 | Published by

My name is Albert Mier. I am a young Spanish lawyer from Barcelona. I recently graduated from ESADE with a Master in International Business Law. Bufete Suárez de Vivero, L&E Global’s member firm in Spain, presented me with the opportunity to intern for two months at Van Olmen & Wynant, L&E Global’s partner in Belgium. I immediately accepted; understanding and appreciating how important gaining experience at an international level is for my career. In addition, due to the fact that L&E Global’s headquarters are based in Brussels, it was a great opportunity for me to collaborate with the heart of an international alliance.

My odyssey began on 25 August 2014. Despite the fact that I didn ́t start work until 1 September, I decided to arrive in Brussels one week in advance, in order to do some sightseeing, find an apartment and essentially do all those things that you have to do when you move abroad. This turned out to be a good decision, as I found an apartment just two minutes from the office! That was a stroke of luck not only because of how close the apartment was to the office, but also because it was located in an awesome and charming neighborhood full of Art Nouveau buildings!

L&E Global’s offices are located on Avenue Louise, which is the business and fashion district of Brussels, so naturally it is very lively! There are numerous upscale boutiques, law firms and business offices, so it’s busy with people all day and night. Moreover, Brussels is a lovely city. I spent time strolling along and visiting incredible places like the Grand Place, the central meeting place for locals and tourists alike, the huge and impressive City Hall, and of course the breathtaking Palace of Justice, which by the way is among the largest stone buildings in the world.

After this exhausting week, I spent the whole weekend relaxing. Although I had plenty of energy, I needed to recover for the new adventure that was about to begin and the many challenges waiting for me! My goals are, among others, to find out how an international law firm works on worldwide matters, to obtain as much experience as possible regarding international issues, and to see how non-Spanish attorneys work, in order to gain insight into the global practice of the law.