Bonjour à tous depuis Bruxelles!!

Monday, April 27, 2015 | Published by

My name is Antonio Castro and I am from Madrid, the capital of Spain. I have a degree in Law and Economics and Business from Alfonso X University. After having finished my university studies, I moved to Barcelona where I obtained a Master in International Business Law from Esade Law School. While studying in Barcelona, I worked for a Madrid-based law firm, which was intense in terms of time and commitment.

Following this experience, I worked in the litigation department of a Barcelona-based firm. More recently, I was offered the opportunity to intern with L&E Global.

I arrived in Brussels a few days before this internship began so that I could settle into my new apartment and become acquainted with Brussels. Luckily, I have several friends who live in Brussels, which has allowed for a smooth acclimation to the city. Thanks to the L&E Global team as well as the location of our offices which are based in the heart of Brussels, I am grateful to say that this indeed a perfect place to work.

Currently, I am acquiring new skills and knowledge about international employment law. My specfic duties include, amongst others: to research and study employment law across multiple jurisdictions and to analyze trends in case law and legislation and to draft articles about social and employment law issues.

I am confident that this adventure will provide me will valuable insight into the employment law environment and I look forward to the challenges ahead!